Rear Mount Mobile Holder

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Color :- Black

Mount Type :- Sticky Pad & Stand

Type :- Dashboard

Material :- Plastic

Weight :- 250 gm

Country Of Origin :- India

  • 270 Degree 
  • Comfortable And Safe 

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Constructed using high-quality materials. our phone holder has a tight grip on your device, which ensure stability even when driving on rough roads.

This mount can fit most smartphones such as iphone, samsung galaxy, and google pixel among others with adjustable sizes for various devices.

With full 270 degree rotation feature, simply adjust the perfect viewing angle of your phone to allow easy switch from landscape to portrait mode.

Our bike mount is designed for quick and hassle free installation that attaches securely to your handlebars without needing any additional tools.

Equipped with built-in shock absorbing technology, the device is protected from vibration ensuring a smooth ride without affecting the safety of your phone.

The weather proof design makes it possible to ride in any weather condition Without being worried about rainwater or dust that may enter into the holder

Safety first keep hands on handle bars and keep eyes on road.

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