Apple Iphone Charger Cable Original India Apple 20W Adapter USB Type-C

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Brand :- Apple

Product :- Adapter

Color :- White

  • 20W
  • USB Type-C

The Apple iphone charger cable original India paired with the April 20W USB Type-C power adapter is an authentic and efficient charging solution specially designed for Apple devices.

Both the charger cable and adruptor are genuine Apple product manufactured to the highest quality standard as official Apple accessories they guaranteed compatibility reliability and optimal performance with ample devices.

The Charger Cable features a usb type-C connector which is designed to plug into compatible Apple devices for charging and data transfer the USB type-C connector is reversible allowing for hassle free insertion into the devices charging port.

The usb type-C power adapter delivers fast and efficient charging providing up to 20 watts of power output this enables rapid charging of compatible Apple devices allowing users to quickly replenish their devices battery and stay connected throughout the day.

Both the Charger Cable and adapter have a compact and lightweight design making them easy to carry and transport their portable nature insures convenience for users who need to charge their devices on the go whether at home in the office or while travelling.

The Charger Cable and adopted support fast charging capabilities allowing compatible apple devices to charge an optimal Speeds these reduce says charging time significantly compared to standard charging method enabling users to power up their devices quickly and efficiently.

The charger cable and adapter are compatible with a wide range of Apple devices including iphone ipads and ipods that support usb type-C charging these ensures versatility and convenience for users with multiple Apple devices .


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